Dragonrage Spoilers

Stairs and Doors

For the daring, stairs lead to random subfloors where treasures may be uncovered... or where instant peril is certain. There are about two-dozen different subfloors; some are good, some are bad, but most will yield some sort of reward. Note that only half of the subfloors are available on floors 1–9.

Doors require a key and, once opened, will reveal stairs leading to a random subfloor. The probability of these stairs leading to a "good" subfloor is increased. Note that doors do not appear on floors 1–9.

Rare Items

With the exception of the Angel Wings (which you can technically find on floors 4+), all these items can be found on floors 10+. Note that the probability of finding some of these items in chests is quite low; exploring subfloors (accessed through stairs) yield better chances for discovery.

Rage Helmet
Doubles your chance of finding RAGE letters.
Angel Wings
Auto-revives you when dead.
When a monster physically hits you (IE: not with fireballs or magic), it deals the same amount of damage to all other monsters in the room.
Flame Orb
Doubles the damage of the sword item.
Crystal Flute
Doubles your chance of encountering a rare (pink) monster. (More on rare monsters below.)
Worth a cool 500,000 points.
Pink Pearl
Worth an INSANE amount of points. Obtain this item to complete the "Pink Pearl" quest.

Rare Monsters and the Pink Pearl Quest

On floors 10+ and on certain subfloors, there is a small chance for encountering rare monsters. There are seven rare monsters total — one for each monster type. These foes are pink in color and much, much more difficult than their non-pink friends. Fortunately, rare monster battles are one-on-one (with the exception of a few of them who may have tricks up their sleeves). Most rare monsters have a weakness, and some of them can only be defeated with certain items. When you encounter a rare monster, the screen will flash pink and escape stairs will be revealed (if you'd rather flee than fight).

To uncover the Pink Pearl, all seven rare monsters must be defeated. It will require skill, luck, and patience. The quest is difficult, but not impossible.

Complete Bestiary

There are about 30 monsters vying for your blood in Dragonrage and when I get a chance I'll put them all here.

Thanks for playing!